Empowering agricultural research through (meta)genomics


Hello folks,

We are proud to announce the second genomics workshop for Asia Pacific!

Held at the North Bangkok campus of the prestigious Kasetsart University, Empowering agricultural research through (meta)genomics will be held in Bangkok on the 25-28th June 2019.

We’re sponsored by Illumina, Custom Science, the Hawkesbury Institute, University of Technology Sydney, as well as the Kasetsart University so we managed to keep our registration costs very affordable (about $200 USD for four days!).

This advanced workshop follows our unique format of combining wet-laboratory techniques with scientific exploration and bioinformatics analysis. We also stream biologists and bioinformaticians so they can learn with their peers and focus on furthering their own expertise.

We start with a Research Seminar day (Prof Roger Hellens – amongst other accomplishments, of Golden Kiwi fame – providing the plenary) and early bird participants can request to submit an oral or poster presentation.

For information, accommodation, and registration you can visit https://thegeneschool.org/ku_workshop_2019 or send me a message.

Have a great day!


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