[x-post from /r/biology] A few of my coworkers made an awesome tutorial on clustering to analyze single-cell data for biologists and budding bioinformaticians!


I work at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy as a software and data engineer. A couple of my coworkers are creating a video series on data science techniques used to analyze large molecular data sets. The first video just went live on YouTube, and I thought it would be well received here!

The video is pretty fun and informative. It goes over using clustering to analyze single-cell data, and also has a fun little Q&A at the end where my native Italian teammate discusses his opinions on New York and Hawaiian pizza.

You can access our tools and tutorials that go with the video on our flow analysis Github page! I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, and I could look into setting up an AMA with my coworkers if there’s interest!

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