This video of a sweet baby hippo getting a bath is all you need to round out 2018


Back on 24 January 2017, Fiona the hippo was born 6 weeks early at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Nowadays she’s a big, strong juvenile hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), but it took a lot of love and caring to get her there – she’s the smallest hippo born in captivity to ever survive.

Her birth weight was only 13 kilograms (29 pounds). The recorded range of birth weights before this was between 25 to 35 kg (55 – 120 lbs).

By June that year Fiona had reached the normal weight for her four-month age: a whomping 144 kg (317 pounds).

During her growing up process, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden made a bunch of video, took lots of pictures, and shared Fiona’s journey with the whole words on a dedicated Facebook page, ‘The Fiona Show’.

Earlier this year, the team released a collage video of previously unseen footage of baby hippo Fiona getting a bath, pats, and snuggles with her human carers. It’s the purest thing you ever will see.

We warned you. The cuteness is almost too much to bear.

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