Tafenoquine versus Primaquine to Prevent Relapse of Plasmodium vivax Malaria

Presented at the 6th International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research (ICPVR), Manaus, Brazil, June 11–14, 2017; and at the 66th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Baltimore, November 5–9, 2017.

Supported by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Medicines for Malaria Venture. The meta-analysis was funded and conducted by GSK.

Disclosure forms provided by the authors are available with the full text of this article at NEJM.org.

Drs. Llanos-Cuentas and Lacerda contributed equally to this article.

A data sharing statement provided by the authors is available with the full text of this article at NEJM.org.

We thank the site staff, the patients, and other persons who participated in the conduct of the study. We also thank the following trial staff: Sonia Torres, Ricardo Panduro, Piere Arevalo, Cesar Banda, Silvia Marin, Jorge Parraguez, Jhon Cochaches, and Lilia Pinedo (Iquitos, Peru); Monica Santos (Manaus, Brazil); the director, board, and staff at Phuoc-Long Hospital, Binh Phuoc Province (Phuoc-Long, Vietnam); the director, board, and staff at Bac-Ai Medical Center, Ninh Thuan Province (Bac-Ai, Vietnam); Lina Salazar, Adriana Alvarez, Efrén Quinterio, and Giacomo Salazar (Montería, Colombia); Worawit Tontiwattanasap, Khanitha Tarawa, Kanjana Keereepinit, Wachirada Pitiya, and Wanlee Khunyosying (Umphang, Thailand); Stéphane Proux, Lily Keereecharoen, and Kanlaya Sriprawat (Mae Sot, Thailand); staff at the Centro de Investigaciones Caucaseco and the Insalpa Buenaventura, Mauricio Gonzales, Marta Lucia Ceballos, Claudia Gonzalez, Deyanira Sanchez, and Rafael Simancas (Cali, Colombia); Françoise Brand and Hans-Peter Beck (Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute and University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland); Alison Webster (GSK clinical); Kim Fletcher and Cletus Ugwuegbulam (GSK operations); Deborah Kelly, Jessica Ackert, and Renata Buckley (GSK safety); Richard Ward and Terry Ernest (GSK manufacturing and supply); Nick Carter, Andrew Mastromarino, Jenny Scott, Thomas Drury, and Chris Nystrom (GSK statistics and programming); Navinkumar Goyal (GSK clinical pharmacology); Maxine Taylor (GSK drug disposition); Robert Stocken and Christian Baumann (GSK regulatory); Maggie Lynch (GSK project management); Isabelle Borghini-Fuhrer and Wiweka Kaszubska (Medicines for Malaria Venture); and Janice Culpepper (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). We acknowledge the following persons for in-country study management and monitoring: Natasha Dsouza, Nushara Nidhipaichit, Tanyada Yongchaitrakul, Filippi Bossatto, Carolina Seixas, Vivian Aboud, Evelyn Eder, and Rafael Paletta (GSK); and Tasaneeya Supaperm, Ruethai Wongchai, Salisa Pohpeera, Numfon Russamesuk, Carmen Rojas Vidal, Juan Vargas Valladares, Jesus Ramirez Morales, Murtaza Shipchandler, and Van Anh Hoang (Pharmaceutical Product Development). We acknowledge the following persons for additional support (funded by GSK): Alex Lowe of Fishawack Indicia, who provided administrative support for reviews of earlier versions of the manuscript, and Naomi Richardson of Magenta Communications, who developed the first draft of the manuscript, collated author contributions into subsequent drafts, and provided editorial, graphic, and proofreading support.

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